Friday, January 31, 2020

My personal experiences Essay Example for Free

My personal experiences Essay I believe that all my personal experiences and academic accomplishments are the stepping stone to realize my potentials and my career objectives. To be admitted in the Asian Institute of Technology School of Management Thailand is a huge step towards achieving these objective and attaining career and self development. I will surely grow academically and professionally once I obtain a Master’s Degree in Business Administration. I took up Electronics and Communication Engineering from the National College of Engineering. I was an above average student back then and I always took risks by assuming completing responsibility and performing the assigned duties well. Although it is a highly technical course, my optimism has also allowed me to take struggles and problems as challenges. After graduation, I was enticed to establish a career using my knowledge in electronics engineering. I was able to render services to Indias technological companies for four years specializing in Telecom Testing domain. I also worked for Wipro Technologies on Nortel CS1K product. I also worked for India’s major Telecom service providers like BHARTI (AIRTEL) and VSNL. Because my academic background and work experiences are highly technical, I want to combine it with a business management course for career and individual growth. By completing the MBA program offered by AIT-SOM, I will feel more competent and confident to serve my country and any company in the future. I wish to study more about business management because I believe that it will aid me to become more successful not only as a technology expert but as a business savvy professional as well. Furthering my knowledge in business combined with technology is one of my goals. I also wanted to apply for the university’s Financial Aid Scholarship Program. I am in dire need of financial assistance and I know that I can repay this scholarship by being an outstanding student of this university. I believe that through the school’s financial assistance program, my burden will be lessened since I am supporting my family. My homeland is a developing country and I firmly believe that through this course and by applying the skills that I will acquire through this institution, I can help my country in its progress. I am looking forward to serving the nation by applying the management knowledge and skills that I will gain after completing my MBA at AIT-SOM. I know that an MBA from AIT-SOM will help me acquire knowledge that is beyond my imagination. The things I will learn will surely contribute to my advancement in the field of business and provide me more career opportunities in the future. I am confident that AIT-SOM has the capability of making students stretch beyond the conventional business degree. I also believe that this university will make my ambitions more attainable since I will get my degree with the help of the Financial Aid program. I am positive that I am fit to become a part of a university that only accepts the finest, the best and the most responsible students. I know that this university will really make my dream a reality.

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