Thursday, November 21, 2019

Effective ways to decreasing sexual drive in sex offenders Essay

Effective ways to decreasing sexual drive in sex offenders - Essay Example The methods used in decreasing the sexual drive of sexual offenders aim at addressing the sexual interests, interpersonal functioning, distorted attitudes and behavior management (Reamer, 2005). The behavioral interventions in decreasing the sex drive of sexual offenders aims at controlling the sexual preferences and interests from children and violence, addressing the distorted beliefs and attitudes and emotional regulation (Wright, 2009). One of the effective ways is the cognitive-behavioral treatment that is used to address the inappropriate attitudes and inappropriate sexual preferences through modifying the thinking pattern, modifying the arousal patterns and reducing reoffending (Wright, 2009). Aversion therapy ensures that deviant sexual patterns are altered through use of paraphilic stimulus like induced nausea at peak arousal or foul odor or using a positive reinforcement such as inducing masturbation at the peak of arousal in order to switch to appropriate fantasies (Schwartz & Cellini, 1995). Cognitive restructuring is another cognitive-behavioral therapy that will enable the sexual offender deal with cognitive distortions such as the notion that women enjoy rape and will involve training on social skills on how to interpret certain social issues without sexual distortions. The general purpose of the behavioral techniques is to pair the deviant fantasies with discomfort and boredom and pair the intense physi cal pleasure of orgasm with health fantasies (Reamer, 2005). Pharmacological interventions involve administration of prescription medicines. A common medication is the management of deviant sexual arousal through Selective Serotonin Reuptake Inhibitors that treat the obsessive-compulsive disorders thus reducing aggression and sexual urges (Reamer, 2005). This is an homonotherapy that reduces the circulation of testosterone through injection of chemicals such as ant-androgen that

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